Safety comes first with Road Choice. We offer the wheel end products you need in order to keep your wheels spinning and ensure safe operations for yourself, your drivers and fellow travelers. Our steel and aluminum wheels, wheel covers, hub caps, bearings and seals offer maximum strength and easy installation you need to keep on rolling.



When it’s time to replace your wheels, turn to Road Choice for quality performance.

Aluminum Wheels

Road Choice aluminum wheels are engineered with a commitment to last, providing confidence that keeps your truck on the road. Delivering the durability that you count on from Road Choice, our 40 lb aluminum wheel is one of the lightest aluminum wheels on the market. The long life of Road Choice Aluminum Wheels add value to your trucks, even when you’re ready to sell them.

Aluminum Wheel

Steel Wheels

We offer a full-line of steel single and dual wheels to fit all steer, drive and trailer axle positions. All Road Choice steel wheels feature positive hub-piloting and cone-lock clamping, and are designed to meet or exceed North American corrosion standards. Plus, each wheel comes with a five-year warranty from the date of manufacture, which is the longest wheel warranty available in the aftermarket.


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Steel Wheel

Aero Wheel Covers

Road Choice Aero Wheel Covers elevate the look of your truck while providing fuel savings that protect your bottom line. The Road Choice Aerodynamic Wheel Cover program offers a large selection of twist and lock wheel covers, including a variety of stainless steel, clear polycarbonate, and stealth black options that are available with or without windows.


Aero Wheel Covers

Wheel End Seals


The three-piece cartridge outer wall of Road Choice premium wheel seals provides maximum strength to support installation, while the wide rubber outside diameter forms a complete barrier inside the wheel seal and helps seal hub bore imperfections.

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Wheel End Bearings


Durable Road Choice wheel bearings protect your wheel end from whatever the road throws its way. These state-of-the-art bearings feature super-finished raceways and rollers to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

Beat Bearing Failures


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