STOP! Review the high quality brake products Road Choice offers for your vehicle, regardless of the make or model. With new government requirements mandating reduced stopping distances, you need a brand you can trust. Road Choice is just that with OEM quality brake products including brake shoe kits, drums, chambers and a full line of air disc brake parts.

Road Choice Brake Drum

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The brake system in your truck is one of, if not the most important safety system in your truck. We’ve covered Road Choice brakes, including brake chambers and air disc brakes, in our Road Choice TV series. Check out the episodes to learn more about brake installation, maintenance, and the features and benefits of each type.

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Brake safety is critical every day your truck hits the road.

Brake maintenance in heavy-duty trucks depends heavily on the vehicle duty cycle, but the type of operation, drivers, inspection practices, and weather all play a part in establishing brake maintenance procedures. Once those procedures are established brake maintenance is predictable and violations are preventable. We’ve created a Brake Inspection Field Guide to serve as a handy reminder of the brake parts that commonly found to be in violation. 

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Air Disk Brake


Air disc brakes offer an alternative design compared to drum brakes meeting the demanding challenges and performance standards faced by heavy-duty tractors, trucks, and trailers. With improved safety, performance, and total cost of ownership, air disc brakes provide the total package.

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Brake Chanber


Road Choice offers a full line of brake chambers for medium – and – heavy-duty trucks, tractors, trailers and buses that are equipped with air brake systems and parking brakes that are held by mechanical force.

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Brake Drum


Despite changes in technology, brake drums are still the most popular choice for delivering reliable stopping power. Road Choice brake drums are available for the most popular front, rear, trailer, and reduced-stopping distance (RSD) configurations.

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Brake Shoes


Road Choice remanufactured brake shoe kits provide exceptional value, performance, and service life. Offering four categories of friction materials, each shoe goes through a rigorous remanufacturing process to ensure top-quality.

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Road Choice Automatic Slack Adjusters are available as a replacement for the most popular Haldex, Accuride/Gunite, Stemco/Crewson and Bendix designs.

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